Tom Hanks and Jennifer Aniston Are the Top Celebrities We’d Want to Travel With

If you could take a trip with a celebrity, who would you choose? recently did a survey, and the most popular MALE celebrity was Tom Hanks (George Clooney is second, followed by Denzel WashingtonMorgan Freeman, and Justin Timberlake). Jennifer Aniston is the most popular choice for a FEMALE travel companion (Jennifer Lopez is second, followed by Ellen DeGeneresSelena Gomez, and Beyoncé). The survey also asked which celebrities we’d LEAST like as a travel companion, Kanye West and the Kardashians were the least popular. Over a quarter of us would “demand constant selfies” . . . which is probably the #1 reason why no celebrity would ever travel with you voluntarily. Also, I’m guessing the idea is that the celebrities would be bringing YOU along on THEIR exotic vacation. Not them climbing in the backseat to ride down to Myrtle Beach with you and your kids.

2.17.17 Roadtrip

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