Barbra Streisand Gives Backstory On Cloning Dogs

Barbara Streisand spoke to The New York Times and offered up the full backstory to the cloning of her two dogs from the DNA of her deceased favorite animal. Streisand first revealed the situation during her recent Variety interview, which raised a few eyebrows from fans. Streisand explained how the cloning came to happen, writing, “I was so devastated by the loss of my dear Samantha, after 14 years together, that I just wanted to keep her with me in some way. It was easier to let Sammie go if I knew I could keep some part of her alive, something that came from her DNA. A friend had cloned his beloved dog, and I was very impressed with that dog. So Sammie’s doctor took some cells from inside her cheek and the skin on her tummy just before she died. And we sent those cells to ViaGen Pets in Texas. We weren’t even sure if the cells would take.”

She went on to say, “Meanwhile I missed Sammie so much that I went out and adopted a rescue dog. She was a little Maltipoo and I named her Sadie, after the first dog I ever owned, given to me by the cast of Funny Girl on my 22nd birthday.” Streisand also explained that her breeder convinced her to adopt another Coton de Tulear, named Fanny.

  • Streisand added: “And then I got a call from the lab. Not only did the cloning process take, but it produced four puppies! Unfortunately the runt of the litter died before the puppies were old enough to be delivered to me.” She said various staffers took both the adopted dog and the third cloned animal off her hands leaving her with two cloned pups: “So now I have three puppies at home, Miss Fanny, Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett, and it’s a bit overwhelming. But we love them so much. Each puppy is unique and has her own personality. . . .You can clone the look of a dog, but you can’t clone the soul. Still, every time I look at their faces, I think of my Samantha. . . and smile.”
  • Last December, Streisand released her most recent live album, titled, The Music. . .The Mem’ries. . .The Magic!