Scott Stapp Debuts Autobiographical Video Of Abuse

CREED frontman, Scott Stapp has debuted the video for his new single, “Purpose For Pain.” It features Stapp and his band’s performance intercut with video of a young boy’s escape from the pain of an abusive home. His journey goes from bad to worse when he is offered a chemical “solution” for his pain, but refuses. The song is somewhat autobiographical.

Stapp who is now sober and in therapy, recently said, “Nothing is more important than my sobriety.” He went through a highly publicized, drug-inflamed meltdown in 2014, after which he entered a rehab program. He also lost custody of his three children during that time. He now says he takes medication for bipolar disorder.

Scott Stapp will kick off a cross-country tour in late June and will release his new album, The Space Between The Shadows, in July.