Steve Perry Imposter Steals Over $100K From A 75-Year-Old Journey Fan

An online imposter posing as Steve Perry on Facebook has reportedly scammed a 75-year-old Journey fan in Cleveland, Ohio out of $122,000. Back in January, the woman began corresponding on Facebook with someone who was claiming to be Journey’s former lead singer. According to a report from the Westlake police, “The fake Mr. Perry had a business opportunity and of course ‘needed a woman in his life.’” The police report goes on to detail several payments the woman sent the Perry imposter over the next couple of months, with $72,000 in wire transfers to “various persons in various different states, designated by ‘Perry,’ through her bank” along with $50,000 in gift cards. When the imposter asked for pictures of her passport and driver’s license, the woman eventually went to the police and realized that she had been scammed. The police are now attempting to track down the criminal. (Rolling Stone)

(Photo Credit – Getty Images)