David Bowie ‘Record Store Day’ Releases Announced, Museum Exhibit Opens In Brooklyn

Three new David Bowie releases are set so be issued on April 21st for Record Store Day. In addition to that, the archival David Bowie Is exhibit opens to today (March 2nd) and runs through July 15th in New York City at the Brooklyn Museum.

Rolling Stone reported: “It’s a stunning tour of Bowie’s world — whatever your level of Bowie fascination, it’s impossible to walk more than a few inches without being dazzled. It has previously unseen relics from all over his 50-year career, from his collection of designer shoes to his Seventies coke spoon, labeled bluntly, ‘Cocaine spoon, 1976.’ . . . As the exhibit has toured the world, it has kept growing. In Brooklyn it’s more massive than ever: stage costumes, drawings, handwritten lyrical drafts, sketches, gig posters, video footage, right up to his notebooks for (his final album) Blackstar, when he was working at warp speed to beat what he knew would be the final curtain.”

The new David Bowie Record Store Day releases are:  

Welcome To The Blackout (Live In London ’78) – three LP set:

  • “This previously unreleased three-LP set was recorded live during the ISOLAR II tour at Earls Court, London on the June 30th and July 1st, 1978 by Tony Visconti and was mixed by Bowie and David Richards at Mountain Studios, Montreux, January 17th to 22nd, 1979. The newly designed tri-fold sleeve features imagery by photographers Sukita and Chris Walter.”

“Let’s Dance (Full Length Demo)” b/w “Let’s Dance (Live)”:

  • “The 45 rpm 12” single features the first appearance of the full length demo of ‘Let’s Dance’ which was previously released digitally in an edited form for Bowie’s birthday on January 8th of this year. The full-length demo version clocks in at 7:34 and, like the edited version, was mixed by Nile Rodgers (original co-producer of the demo with Bowie) in December of last year.”
  • The demo is backed by the live version of ‘Let’s Dance’ recorded live at Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, September 12th, 1983 and mixed by Bob Clearmountain. This version can be seen in the Serious Moonlight concert film and was also previously available on the AA side of the now very rare Australian David Bowie Is exhibition exclusive yellow vinyl 7″ single. The sleeve of the 12″ single is a different colored variation of the original ‘Let’s Dance’ single cover.”

Bowie Now:

  • “This is the first commercial release of a rare 1977 U.S. only promotional-only LP on white vinyl. The tracks are drawn from the Low and “Heroes” albums and all of the audio is from the A New Career In A New Town boxed set, remastered by Tony Visconti. The package now features a newly designed inner sleeve with rarely seen black and white images taken in Berlin during 1977.”


  • David Bowie died on January 10th, 2016 — two days after his 69th birthday — following a private 18-month battle with cancer. In 2003, Bowie spoke about mortality during a rare TV appearance on Britain’s Parkinson talk show: [(David Bowie): “I had this poetic, romantic, kind of juvenile idea that I would be dead by 30. ‘Cause that’s — all artists think: ‘I’ll be dead by 30! Y’know, I’m going to get TB and die.’ (Laughs) But you don’t, y’know, you get past it and then suddenly, you’re 30 and you’re 40 and then you’re 50 and 57, and then all that. And it’s a new land, y’know?” (Parkinson): ‘Sure.” (Bowie): “I’m a pioneer — me and my kind are just sort of scraping the edge of what this think is about, being a rock and roller at the age of 57. But my revenge is all these bands that are below us, they’ve got to do this — so, they kind of say: ‘Yeah, they’re like, really old’ — but secretly they’re thinking, ‘I better watch how he does it, ’cause I’m gonna get there soon (laughter).'”] SOUNDCUE (:36 OC: . . .   get there soon (laughter))
  • To find a participating Record Store Day store, log on to: www.recordstoreday.com