Eric Clapton Embarrassed By His Younger Self In New Doc

Eric Clapton met the press on Monday (September 11th) during a press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival for the new documentary, Eric Clapton: Life In 12 Bars. The film, which runs through September 17th at TIFF, will premiere on Showtime on February 10th, 2018, with a limited theatrical run expected around that time. CBC News reported Clapton was asked which part of the career-spanning doc embarrassed him, to which he admitted, “The whole thing. Are you kidding? The whole thing . . . right up to the time I stopped drinking, everything I said (was) absolute blather, a certain amount of pompousness that I see when (I was) being interviewed. Maybe it’s true for all of us when we’re young: there’s a level of arrogance there that ‘I know it all.’ Only as I get older do I realize that I know nothing at all, whatsoever.”

Billboard reported that “Slowhand” shed light on the music played in his household these days: “My kids listen to classic rock, but that may only be because of me, because that’s what I’ve played to them. I mean, from the time of their conception, they’ve been listening to music through the womb. I played them playlists, just brainwashed my kids, and at the back of it was always the guitar or some kind of solo instrument or a singer. My belief in music is it’s all good. It’s all good. Even stuff that doesn’t appear to be so, it’s all good.”

  • Jimmy Page is one of many Eric Clapton fans who’s impressed with not only his guitar chops — but his songwriting as well: [“He’s got a great body of work, hasn’t he? He really understood the blues and how to play it, and he turned a lot of people on to that. In the early days — I’m talking about right in the early days when he had the technique of the finger tremolo and everyone else was wondering what it was — he’s had some good songs. On the Derek & The Dominoes albums, there was some nice songs.”] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . some nice songs)
  • Eric Clapton will play tonight (September 13th), September 15th, 16th, and 18th in Los Angeles at The Forum.