“Fabulously Sized”????

Kmart just announced that it’s not going to be calling its plus-sized clothing “plus-size” any more. No, it will now be in a section called “Fabulously Sized.” Which leads us into THIS . . . September is “Childhood Obesity Awareness Month”. So as a public service, here are some . . . Signs You Have an Obese Kid . . .

* His favorite breakfast cereals are Trix, Lucky Charms, and Hamburger Helper.

* Her school picture had to be taken by Google Earth.

* His class voted him as the “student most likely to lose a foot.”

* Your toddler already has a palate for diverse cheeses.

* She loves to play with Legos. Sorry . . . Eggos . . . she loves to play with Eggos.

* The cat’s missing, and he just burped up a claw.