Signs Your Grandparents Are Still “Getting Jiggy With It”

According to a recent study, senior citizens are having a lot of sex. And if you’re thinking . . . “Not my Nah-naw and Papaw” . . . think again! Here are a few Signs Your Grandparents Are Still Getting-It-On . . .

* You hear moaning in the bathroom, and it’s not followed by a flush.

* That’s not Polident, it’s Astroglide!

* Gramps replaced his rocking chair with a sex swing.

* Late at night, one of them randomly screeches “Bingo!”

* There’s a pair of handcuffs hanging from the safety bar in the shower.

* Grandma sends you down to the sex dungeon for canned fruit.

* And one last “Sign Your Grandparents Are Still Getting-It-On” . . . they abruptly get up from the dinner table and say, “Excuse us, we’re going up to our room so we can get-it-on!”