Something For The “Lead-Foots” . . .

Here’s some good news if you’re like me, and playing dumb comes a little TOO naturally. A new study found that playing dumb is one of the best ways to get out of a SPEEDING TICKET. Here are the excuses that work best . . .

1) “I didn’t realize I was speeding” (works 32% of the time).

2) “I’m late for work” (works 20% of the time).

3) “There’s a medical emergency” (works 20%).

4) “I really have to use the bathroom” (17%).

5) “I didn’t see the speed limit sign,” (also 17%).

However, the best way to go may be the HONEST approach . . . ask the cop to give you a warning instead of a ticket, there’s a 41% chance they’ll do it.