Tokyo Summer Olympics: By The Numbers

The Summer Olympics finally launch this Friday in Tokyo. WalletHub put together some interesting facts and stats about this year’s Games (click HERE to check out the full report). Here are the Tokyo Summer Olympics By The Numbers (well, some of them anyway) . . .

$26 Billion: Estimated cost of the Summer Olympics is.

$15 Billion: In revenue LOST due to the ban on spectators.

$900 Million: Spent on COVID-19 countermeasures.

79,000: Tons of recycled metals, of small electronic devices (like cell phones), that the gold, silver, and bronze used in the medals . . . were extracted from them.

11,000: The number of athletes . . . from 205 countries and territories . . . that plan to participate.

5,000: The estimate of medals up for grabs, across 50 disciplines in 33 sports.

2,523: The number of Summer Olympic medals, that the UNITED STATES throughout history has won (more than any other country).

339: The number of sporting events at this year’s Games.

42: The number of Olympic venues.

33: The number of Olympic venues in Tokyo.

9: The number of Olympic venues in other co-host cities in Japan.

4: New sports making their Olympic debuts:  Karate, Sport Climbing, Surfing, and Skateboarding.

2: Sports making a comeback this year: Baseball for men and Softball for women (both had been out since 2008).

1: Country that has pulled out of the Olympics due to the pandemic: North Korea.