How Long Can You Use the Same Sheets Before It’s Gross?

Remember when we were in our 20’s, how little we cared about house keeping? It was almost a badge of honor to see how long you could go before doing laundry, dishes, picking up fast food wrappers and pizza boxes. Somebody has come up with an answer to one of the BIG question in life: Exactly How Long Can You Use The Same Sheets Before You’re A Disgusting Human Being? According to a new survey, it’s more than a MONTH. The average person says 35 days (which I guess means on day 36, you’re officially gross). Not surprisingly, a large part of America’s SINGLE population falls into that “gross” category. The average single person waits 40 days to change their sheets . . . 35 days for single women, and 45 days for single men. And the one time men are more likely to change their sheets is when they might get LUCKY. 49% of single men put on fresh sheets if they think they’re going to participate in some “Boudoir Olympics”, only 39% of single women do.