Are These the 10 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts?

It’s not always the thought that counts. A website called dug through posts on social media to find the WORST Valentine’s Day gifts that people say they’ve received, or that they’re considering giving this year. And WOW, these are TERRIBLE gifts! Here’s their list of the 10 worst . . .

10) A toilet seat

9) Funeral arrangements

8) Tweezers

7) Clothing for two (like a two-person Snuggie or sweater)

6) That Gwyneth Paltrow lady parts scented candle (it’s a REAL thing)

5) Dog treats . . . when the person doesn’t have a dog

4) A possibly rabid wild squirrel

3) A Wendy’s drive-thru meal

2) The Hug-E-Gram, which are arm-shaped pillows that “hug” a person

1) A break up (last year 7% of people said they dumped someone on Valentine’s Day)