Check Out the Top Pop Culture Costume from the Year You Were Born

“Cosmopolitan” recently put together a list of the top pop culture Halloween costumes from the past 70 years. It includes things like Elvis, Princess Leia, Indiana Jones, and Ghostface from “Scream”. It seems more like a list of what was hot in pop culture every year since 1950, but still, a lot of them are hard to argue with. Here are a few that stood out . . .

1951: Alice in Wonderland

1962: JFK and Jackie O

1965: The Rolling Stones

1971: Willy Wonka

1998: The Big Lebowski

2004: Captain Jack Sparrow.

Click HERE to see the top pop culture costume from the year you were born, but be warned, it’s a 70-page slideshow, which everyone always loves.