Dayton . . . Who Knew?!?!

WalletHub has released its annual rankings of the BEST cities to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in (click HERE for the complete report). The rankings are based on everything from the number of Irish pubs and restaurants per capita to hotel prices and the weather forecast. Here is their Top Ten . . .

1) Chicago (for the second year in a row)

2) Philadelphia

3) Madison, Wisconsin

4) Boston (I would have thought this would be #1)

5) Tampa

6) Naperville, Illinois

7) New York (also a possible #1)

8) Pittsburgh

9) Rockford, Illinois

10) Dayton (Cleveland is #12) 

Oklahoma City has the cheapest beer, El Paso is slated to have the best weather, and Pittsburgh has the best access to bars. Add it up, Americans are projected to spend $5.6 BILLION celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year.