Easter Facts and Stats . . .

Here are some interesting Easter facts and stats that you might not know . . .

  • And a total of $20.8 BILLION will be spent on Easter this year. $3 billion will be spent on candy alone.
  • The most popular Easter basket items are: Chocolate bunnies, followed by individually-wrapped candy . . . arts and crafts . . . loose, chewy candy . . . and bunny stuffed animals.
  • Our annual consumption of PEEPS is about to peak, followed by a sharp, SHARP decline.
  • 64% of Americans say they prefer the CHICK Peeps to the BUNNIES.
  • 88% enjoy Peeps more when they’re fresh out of the package.
  • However, if you DO like your Peep a little on the stale side, most people agree that the ideal staleness is having them dry out for ONE day. That way, they’re still soft on the inside, with a slightly dry exterior.
  • Half of people who celebrate Easter will dye eggs this weekend.
  • Our favorite Easter egg colors are purple, blue, pink, and green.
  • 81% of people will use an Easter egg dying kit (others might use food coloring, paint them, or do things like stickers).
  • 42% will use their eggs in an Easter egg hunt this weekend.
  • And 66% of us will eat our Easter eggs next week, so they don’t go to waste.

Enjoy this cool video of some incredible “Easter Egg Art” . . .