Guy Tries to Rob a Store With A Knife

This is CRAZY! Some guy walked into a gas station in Huntsville, Alabama with knife on Saturday and tried to rob the place. But the cashier pulled out a MACHETE, and pushed a button to auto-lock the front doors. So they were locked inside together, and it was ON. There’s security footage of them getting in a knife fight while the cashier called the cops, but neither of them landed any serious shots. (You can watch it HERE) The robber eventually broke down the doors to get out. But then the cashier chased him outside, and started attacking his CAR with the machete. He broke out at least one of the headlights, smashed the windshield, and slashed one of the tires. He also got into it with the guy’s girlfriend, who also had a knife. They eventually drove off, but cops pulled them over nearby.