How Many Cookies Does The Average Person Eats In a Month?

Thursday is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? And according to a new poll commissioned for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day . . . Chocolate Chip Cookies are still our favorite type of cookie. Our 5 favorites are chocolate chip, peanut butter, double chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and shortbread. Here are a few more cookie stats . . .

1) The average American eats 21 cookies a month. (One in four admit they eat more than that).

2) 41% of us think we’ve eaten enough cookies to call ourselves a “cookie expert.” The average person thinks you need to eat at least 319 cookies before you can say that. (At 21 cookies a month, that would only take a little over a year)

3) According to the poll, the perfect chocolate chip cookie is soft and chewy, made with brown sugar, and just came out of the oven.

4) 61% say a really good cookie can turn your whole day around.