How To “ACCIDENTALLY” Join An Illegal Rave

29-year-old Oliver Broome wanted to get away, and went camping by himself last Saturday in a secluded area in England. But around 10:30, he started hearing voices, and got paranoid (he was in the middle of nowhere). Turns out an ILLEGAL RAVE was setting up nearby. Over 50 people showed up, most in their late teens or early 20s. Oliver realized pretty quickly there was no way he could sleep, because the techno music was so loud. So he just went with it and JOINED IN. They all drank, danced, and partied until seven in the morning. Then everyone was gone by 7:30, and it was just him again. Oliver says it was the first time he’s ever been to a rave, and he got zero sleep, but all in all, he had an “unbelievable weekend.” (Here’s a photo of Oliver, and a blurry photo of the rave)