I Suppose “Daddy Warbucks” Is Out Of The Question

A panel of judges in the U.K. has ruled that calling a man BALD is a form of sexual harassment. They connected talking about a man’s baldness to talking about the size of a woman’s breasts. And it’s “sexual” since hair loss is more common among men than women. (???) And for what it’s worth, all three judges on the panel suffered from hair loss.

So as a public service, to help YOU avoid any legal pitfalls in the workplace, check out this list of . . .  Other Things, to Call Guys Who Are Bald . . .

  • Follicly impotent.
  • Conscientious comb objector.
  • Skull model.
  • Scalp impaired.
  • Glow Rogan.
  • Skin Diesel.
  • Propecia hesitant.