If YOU Don’t Love Your Name, Your Parents Probably Don’t Like It Either

This seems unfortunate, and a little embarrassing. According to a new survey, 73% of parents say they thought of a better name for their kid after it was too late. Some of the reasons parents regret the name they picked . . .

1) The name didn’t fit their child’s personality as they got older.

2) Their significant other picked the name. (“Hey, I don’t really like your name, but your mother picked it out . . . so now we BOTH have to live with it.”)

3) A friend picked the same name for their kid. (Can’t have THAT now, can we?)

4) They didn’t give the name enough thought. (Yeah . . . it’s not like you had 9 MONTHS TO COME UP WITH IT!)

5) The kid gets teased for the name in school. (Maybe in retrospect, “Doofus” wasn’t such a great idea . . . but it’s a family name)

6) A celebrity picked the name for their child. (Probably the one I would regret the most!)

The two boys’ names that parents are most likely to regret are Hunter and Jaxon.

The two girls’ names they’re most likely to regret are Aurora and Arabella.