Interesting First Day of School

Living here in the Midwest ain’t so bad . . . a dad in Texas had a more eventful first school day than most parents this week. He was about to take his daughter to her first day of middle school, when she refused to go outside, claiming there was an ALLIGATOR by the door. Her dad thought she just didn’t want to go to school and was joking, so he told her to stop messing around. Turns out there really WAS a fairly large alligator sitting in their driveway. So he took his kids to school, then came home, wrestled the alligator, and took it to a nearby pond and released it! He told the local news that he was a huge fan of Steve Irwin and “The Crocodile Hunter” as a kid. So that’s how knew what to do.  He says wrestling a gator was actually on his bucket list for a long time.