Is THIS The Hardest Thing to Do in Sports?

Hitting a baseball is possibly the hardest thing to do in sports, mainly because of the speed of the pitch, and the fact that both the ball and the bat are rounded, so you have a very tiny bit of space in which to hit the ball squarely. Check out these numbers . . .

  • A batter has about 125 milliseconds to decide whether to swing.
  • On top of that, the ball is only in the hitting zone for less than 10 milliseconds (the amount of time that the ball is in a spot where the batter can make contact).
  • Because the ball is round AND the bat is a rounded piece of wood, the margin of error for making solid contact is roughly half the width of your phone’s SIM card.

So how do batters do that?

According to an engineering professor, he compares it to trying to hit a bullet with another bullet. He adds it’s not so much about how fast a batter can swing, as it is about how fast he can STOP HIMSELF from swinging at pitches he knows he’s not likely to hit.