Not Sure If The “AirDrop” Developers Had THIS In Mind When They Came Up With It?

A guy in Japan got freaked out while driving, when a van started tailgating him. Then while being tailgated, the guy got an AirDrop message on his iPhone. (“AirDrop” is an Apple feature that lets you send photos and files to any iPhones/iPad that is nearby. Unless you tweak your privacy settings, anyone nearby can Airdrop you something) The AirDrop message came from the driver of the van. And it was a simple four word message . . . “Poop.  Let me pass.” So the guy knew WHY the van was tailgating him, so he pulled over, and let the van speed by so the driver could get to a bathroom. The guy posted a screenshot of the AirDrop message on Twitter, and now it’s going viral. Check out the post in Japanese, vs. the Twitter “translation” (things get a little weird with the translation).