Thanksgiving Google Trends

Here are some of the Thanksgiving topics that are trending searches on Google . . .

* The most googled turkey-cooking technique is “smoked turkey.”  It’s #1 in most states.  “Roast turkey” is the most popular search in the Northeast and Hawaii.  The only state where “fried turkey” tops the list is Louisiana.

* We’re already thinking about leftovers.  The top searches include “leftover sandwich,” “leftover soup,” “leftover pot pie,” and “leftover egg rolls.”

* The most searched Thanksgiving drinks are sangria, apple cider, and punch.

* Only nine states are googling “Thanksgiving parade” more than “Thanksgiving football.” And one of those states is Michigan . . . which make sense, because there hasn’t exactly been a lot to look forward to in Michigan . . . football wise . . . since the Ohio State/Michigan game usually takes place on, or around the Thanksgiving weekend!