The 2022 Kentucky Derby Field Ranked By . . . Name?

The 148th Kentucky Derby is tomorrow! And if you’re looking to make a wager, here’s a “non-traditional” way to pick a winner! The website “For the Win!”, has ranked each horse in this year’s  Derby . . . SOLELY by their name. According to them, here are the top 5 horse, along with the very unscientific reason why they are ranked there (click HERE to see the entire list) . . .

5) Classic Causeway (Sounds like a name from the 1930s that you’d hear in a newsreel)

4) Cyberknife (Maybe the coolest name in the whole bunch)

3) Epicenter (Intimidating!)

2) Ethereal Road (A weird association but it works: I think of Rainbow Road from the Mario Kart series. And that automatically sends this one into the top two)

1) Messier (As a New Yorker and a New York Rangers fan, there’s no doubt who No. 1 would be)