The Best and Worst Food Cities in America in 2019

Wallet Hub just posted its annual list of the best cities if you’re a huge FOOD snob. They look at everything from the cost of groceries and booze, to things like how many food trucks and cooking schools there are. The top five cities for foodies in 2019 are:  Portland, New York, Miami, San Francisco and , Los Angeles. Out of the 182 cities they looked at, Pearl City Hawaii came in last. Followed by Juneau Alaska, Jackson Mississippi, Augusta Georgia, and West Valley City California. Ohio has 5 cities in the top 182 list . . .

24) Cincinnati

27) Columbus

30) Cleveland

128) Akron

135) Toledo

A few other cities not too far from us . . .

25) Grand Rapids, MI  

78) Detroit

114) Fort Wayne

Click HERE to check out the entire list.