The Most Iconic Sandwich in Every State

There’s a new list out of the most iconic sandwich in every state. The list features obvious picks like lobster rolls in Maine and cheesesteak in Pennsylvania. There’s also some inspired picks like the “Fluffernutter” sandwich in Massachusetts (looks to be peanut butter and marshmallow fluff?), and “The Elvis” in Tennessee (which I believe is peanut butter and jelly, bacon, and bananas). Closer to home . . .

* Indiana: Fried pork tenderloin sandwich.

* Kentucky: The Hot Brown – Turkey, Bacon, melted cheese sauce

* Michigan: goes “old school” with the Ham sandwich.

* Ohio: Polish Boy – native to Cleveland, it’s a link of kielbasa in a bun, covered with a layer of french fries, barbecue sauce or hot sauce, and a layer of coleslaw.

Click HERE for the complete the list of the sandwiches (with pictures) for all 50 states.