The Ten Worst Party Fouls

If your going to party this weekend. Either hosting or going to one, you’ll want to avoid the dreaded “Party Foul”! A new survey was just released, and asked people what is the worst things you can do at a party. And according to the survey, here are the Top 10 Party Fouls (in order) . . . Showing up sick,  Asking for food or a type of drink that isn’t already out,  Being the last one to leave,  Getting too drunk,  Showing up early, Being on your phone all night,  Talking about politics too much,  Showing up without RSVPing,  Spilling something, and Not bringing food if it’s a potluck. Also, keep in mind guest aren’t the only ones who can commit party fouls. The survey also looked at the most annoying things the HOST of a party can do. The top ten include asking people to mingle, cleaning during the party, getting drunk, rushing people out the door, and not playing music. Now Jedi go out there and party hard . . . and make me proud!