What’s the Most Googled Super Bowl Food in Every State?

The food website Delish analyzed Google data to figure out what Super Bowl food people in every state have been searching for the most. Surprisingly, only 2 states had Chicken Wings. The most popular searched snack is close . . . Buffalo chicken dip, it’s the top Super Bowl food in 8 states. The states with both Super Bowl teams had kind of lame foods . . . California’s top Google search was baked chicken breasts, and Massachusetts’ is gluten-free pretzels???? Mississippi’s most Googled Super Bowl food is actually kind of sad . . . granola bars, but MUCH respect for Utah though . . . they had bacon-wrapped smokies! Alright, so what about OHIO? We’re hanging with the most popular choice . . . Buffalo chicken dip. You can check out the complete breakdown by state HERE.