Your Favorite Color Determines Your Favorite Rock Bands?

A few years back, there was a study to find out how colors influence behaviors and moods. The website “Loudwire” applied it to the rock world. See if any of these apply to you . . .

Black: You’re pretty serious, and band types include Black Sabbath, and Korn.

Red: You’re outgoing, bands include Ozzy, and System of a Down.

Orange: You’re “social”, bands include Van Halen and Motley Crue.

Yellow: You’re an adventurous spirit, with bands like Twisted Sister and Greta Van Fleet.

Blue: You’re laid back/easygoing, bands would be Tool and Alice in Chains.

Green: You’re practical and down-to-earth. Bands include Dio and Alice Cooper.

Purple: You thrive on creativity. Bands include Rush and Muse.

White:  You probably get along well with those who identify with Blue because you are calm, peaceful, and you like things clean and orderly.  You make a great equalizer because you’re grounded and can offset any bold energy of those around you like Fleetwood MacPink Floyd, and The Police.

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