Lenny Kravitz Drops New Video, Talks Race In Today’s World

Lenny Kravitz has posted the second video from his upcoming album, titled, Raising Vibration, which drops on September 7th. The video for “Low” features assorted Super 8 home videos of late-’60s and early-’70s urban life on the street and at apartment family parties. Ultimate Classic Rock reported that Michael Jackson‘s voice appears on the track, culled from Kravitz’ sessions with Jackson for 2001’s Invincible album, which produced the 2010 posthumous track, “(I Can’t Make It) Another Day.”

Kravitz spoke frankly about dealing with race both in and out of the entertainment business, explaining to The San Diego Entertainer, “People love a box (laughs)! And they want to put you right in it, so they can easily define, for their own comfort, what you are. I’ve been fighting against that from day one in my life, and in my musical life. Like with radio stations, this one only plays this, and that one only plays that. This fits here, and that fits there, and you don’t fit here. It’s like, ‘S***! That’s not what art is about!’ But, unfortunately, that’s not what the business is, which is very frustrating.”

  • He went on to recall: “Going back to that time in school, I knew I was black, but I knew that wasn’t all I was. I knew I was also Russian Jewish and I knew that my great grandmother was full-blooded Cherokee Indian. My mother always taught me, ‘Yes, you’re black, but you’re just as much this and you’re just as much that, and you don’t discount that.’ If you’re mixed. . . you don’t discount one of your parents. You’re just as much one as the other. But, what my mother did say to me when I was a child that I think was very smart, and I didn’t realize it until I got older, was, ‘Even though you’re mixed, society only wants to see you as black.’ I didn’t understand that at age seven.”
  • As far as dealing with race in today’s world, Kravitz said, “You have to explain to kids people’s f***ed up attitudes about race. That’s really what you’re doing. You have to break down the judgment and short sightedness, and peoples’ hang ups, and the history of people screwing over other people because they were different.”
  • Nearly 30 years after his 1989 debut album, Lenny Kravitz looked back on his career and told us how lucky he feels to have made it this far on his own terms: “The thing that I’ve enjoyed about my career is that it’s been a gradual climb. And I think that’s part of the reason why I’ve had longevity. I think it’d be a real nightmare to put a record out and sell 20 million copies and then after that, that’s it. I’m in this for the long haul. I’ve been making music my whole life and I’m gonna continue making it. So the rate of success has been really good. It’s worked out well.” in Berlin, Germany.
  • His lone North American date is set for September 22nd in Louisville, Kentucky’s “Bourbon & Beyond Festival” at Champions Park.