Findlay City Council Meeting To Be Aired On WFIN

A special meeting of the Findlay City Council will be held on Tuesday, March 31st.

The city says the meeting will address time-sensitive matters that would’ve been addressed at the March 17th meeting that was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

No public will be admitted to the March 31st meeting due to ongoing coronavirus concerns.

The meeting, which begins at 7 p.m., will be aired on WFIN and, as well as the City of Findlay’s website and local cable through Spectrum.

The following items are on the agenda:

Ordinance No. 2020-020 (third reading) = annual street resurfacing/curb repairs 2020
Ordinance No. 2020-029 (second reading) = 3rd Capital Improvement appropriation
Ordinance No. 2020-030 (second reading) = Rutherford Avenue 6-inch waterline
Ordinance No. 2020-036 (first reading) = 2020 CUBE parking lot repairs
Ordinance No. 2020-037 (first reading) = CR 180 drainage plan
Ordinance No. 2020-038 (first reading) = 4th Capital Improvement appropriation