Findlay Man Claims Drug Charges Are Prejudice Against His Religious Beliefs

07/16/19 – 4:53 A.M.

A Hancock County judge rejected a Findlay man’s argument that his drug charges went against his religious freedom yesterday. Judge Reginald Routson sentenced 36-year-old Matthew Cook to two years in prison but gave him a two-year stay in light of Cook’s plan to file an appeal.

The Courier’s Kathryne Rubright reports that Cook pleaded no contest to charges related to the manufacturing and aggravated possession of drugs and possession of marijuana. The first two charges concern hallucinogenic mushrooms. Cook pleaded no contest so that he can appeal the issue in his case.

Cook claimed that the drugs were used for religious reasons and that the case is prejudice against him. You can read more about the arguments and the charges against Cook in today’s Courier.