Paul McCartney Gives Tips For Jet Lag

Having criss-crossed the globe countless times over the decades, who better than Paul McCartney to give advice on dealing with jet lag. During his monthly Q&A with fans via his official website (, dubbed “You Gave Me The Answer,” “Macca” was asked if he had any advice for jet lag traveling. He answered: “Yeah, it’s true I’ve done it a lot so I have ways to hopefully avoid it. If I’m flying from the UK to America for instance, I try and stay up. I don’t sleep on the plane. Instead, I try and watch about three movies between here and New York and I may sort of doze a little bit, but I force myself to stay awake so that when I get to somewhere like New York, I can then pretend that it’s early evening — even though in my body it’s probably one in the morning! So, I just stay up! You know, watch movies, get there, and have a normal evening — go to dinner, etc. So by the time I go to bed that night, I am well and truly knackered, and I sleep like a log.”
When pressed if he’s constantly trying to do the math as to what time it really is back home in England when abroad, the former-Beatle said, “No, I just try and swap to the new time zone straight away. But for that I do try and stay awake. And then coming back I try and take a night flight so I can actually sleep. The longer the journey coming back — coming from west to east — the better. When it’s just six hours as it is from New York to London, it’s not really enough because by the time you sort of get yourself ready you’ve only got about four hours. But yeah, I just go with the flow and you know the next day I’m normally a little bit dazed. I try not to have anything very important on the next day so I can just try to enjoy the dazed feeling!”

  • McCartney says that unlike the days of rampant Beatlemania, dealing with fame and the general public now is pretty much mellow and enjoyable for him: [“Y’know, only occasionally it gets a little bit too hectic, y’know, where you can’t get out of your office building, ’cause, like there millions of people there or something, But I say, that comes with the game, y’know, that’s the fame game. And those people have come there only ’cause they like you, so you can’t really blame them, either, y’know? So, yeah, I’ve come to terms with it. It is something I do enjoy and I suppose I’m enjoying it as much as I ever did now, really.”] SOUNDCUE (:23 OC: . . . did now really)