Putnam County Prosecutor Appealing Ruling In Soto Case

2/22/18 – 5:23 A.M.

The Putnam County prosecutor plans to appeal a ruling in the case against Travis Soto. The Putnam County Sentinel reports Gary Lammers wants to challenge the Third District Court of Appeals’ ruling that two charges against Soto create a double jeopardy issue.

In 2006 Soto pleaded guilty to child endangerment in the death 2-year-old Julio Soto-Baldazo. He served a five-year prison sentence, but then in 2016 he allegedly admitted he beat the boy to death.

Prosecutors then charged him with aggravated murder among other charges. However, the appeals court ruled the state couldn’t charge Soto with aggravated murder and murder since they dropped involuntary manslaughter charges against him in 2006.

Lammers has 45 days from the day of the appeals court ruling to file his appeal.

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