The 10 Greatest One-Hit Wonders of the Hair Metal Era?

The “hair metal” era brought us bands like Motley Crue, Ratt, and Poison, but there were other hair bands that only had a single blip on the radar. L.A. Weekly” published a list of “The Greatest One-Hit Wonders of Hair Metal”. See if you agree with the list, and leave a comment if it’s missing anything. Here’s their Top 10:

1: Vinnie Vincent Invasion“Boyz Are Gonna Rock”, 1986

2: Bonham“Wait for You”, 1989

3: Trixter“Give It to Me Good”, 1990

4: Junkyard“Simple Man”, 1989

5: Tora Tora“Walkin’ Shoes”, 1989

6: Kix“Don’t Close Your Eyes”, 1988

7: Pretty Boy Floyd“Rock and Roll (Is Gonna Set the Night on Fire)”, 1989

8: Steelheart“I’ll Never Let You Go”, 1990

9: Bang Tango“Someone Like You”, 1989

10: Jetboy“Feel the Shake”, 1988