The Most Underrated City in Every State? just put together a list of the most UNDERRATED city in every state. And they went with a lot of cities you might not have heard of, but they have great beach scenes, food, or outdoor activities. You can check out the complete list HERE. In our neck of the woods, these are the most underrated cities . . . In Indiana it’s Columbus, in Kentucky: Lexington, in Michigan it’s Manistee, Pennsylvania: New Hope, and in Ohio the most underrated city . . . is Kent. Thrillist says, “the city’s downtown has been completely revamped with new shops and restaurants, plus a truly kickass selection of dive bars. And thanks to the university, the town has managed to maintain the quirky hippie vibe. There’s a big annual Harry Potter festival that attracts thousands of people. And they say don’t leave without stopping by Ray’s Place for the famous Mo-Fo Burger.