Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts To Avoid Looking Like You Totally Dropped the Ball

If you completely dropped the ball on Valentine’s Day, “Cupid Kahuna” has your back! Here are a few things you can get TODAY, and not look like you waited till the last minute (and most of these you can do online) . . .

* A movie night at home. 

Stop by the video store, or download some romantic movies and have a marathon. You can go with a classic like Casablanca or a newer film like “La La Land” (Romanced challenged? Click HERE for a list of 50 of the best romantic movies).

* Get a subscription to something they love. 

If their dog is their world, get them a BarkBox subscription. Or, if they like wine get them a “Wine Of The Month Club” (and you can both enjoy it).

* Cook for them. 

There’s still time to hit the grocery store and throw a nice meal together before the day is over. It can be as simple as “Cacio E Pepe” which is literally just pasta, cheese, and pepper.

* A gift card for a sporting event or concert tickets. 

Ticketmaster sells online gift cards from $25 to $500, so THEY can pick out the tickets they want (and hopefully take YOU).