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“Rolling Stone” just put together a list of “The 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time.” And they admit they had to make some tough calls on some albums that blur the line between metal and hard rock. Here’s the Top 5 (click HERE for the complete list . . . aaaaaaaand . . . . discuss):

#5) “Black Sabbath”Black Sabbath

#4) “The Number of the Beast”Iron Maiden

#3) “British Steel”Judas Priest

#2) “Master of Puppets”Metallica

#1) “Paranoid”Black Sabbath, 1970.

(no shocker here, Sabbath basically launched metal as a new genre, and this is arguably their best)

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I don’t understand high fashion, but I think I’ve just been vindicated! For years I’ve been snickered at and pitied for wearing socks with sandals. Well, the socks with sandals look just showed up in 3 different fashion shows in Paris this week, including one for Louis Vuitton. So I guess it’s a fashionable look now.

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THIS Is Why We Love Bikers!!

A 10-year-old in Nova Scotia has been dealing with bullies. So yesterday dozens of bikers escorted him to school, and he showed up on the back of a Harley. Then they walked him to the door so the other kids know they’ve got his back. Look twice save a life!

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Keeping Your Kids Entertained Over the Summer . . . GOOD LUCK!

Now that it’s officially summer, here’s another reason to resent your kids for the sweet three-month break they get every summer, Your WALLET takes a pretty good hit! It costs $495 to keep your kids entertained over the summer. That includes $319 on toys and activities, and another $176 to take them on trips (and that doesn’t even include the money you have to spend on daycare or babysitters). The average parent said they suggest 13 different activities a week for their kids over the summer, and that’s still not enough. On average, kids are bored and don’t know what to do by about 1:30 every day. 45% of parents said they’re pretty much out of ideas by August.

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It’s been a weird year for jeans. You can own jeans pre-stained with mud, ones that are totally see-through, jeans that convert to jorts, and even jeans that reveal an adjustable amount of butt crack. The newest stupid jeans are . . . TOTALLY CROTCHLESS. And they can be yours for $570.


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