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What A Realistic In-Flight Movie!

Here’s another airline story, that depending on your musical preference MAY have involved torture. Passengers on a Delta flight from Tampa to Los Angeles were treated to a live KENNY G performance on Saturday. The flight crew was raising money for the American Cancer Society, and he promised to play his saxophone if passengers helped hit their goal of $2,000. Apparently, there were enough smooth jazz fans on board to get it done. I think it would have been a little awkward watching him walk down the aisle making creepy eye contact with everyone. (He stares directly into the camera at the 57-second mark)

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Two major brands of frozen hash browns have been recalled, because they contain pieces of GOLF BALLS. McCain Foods USA just recalled Roundy’s and Harris Teeter hash browns because, quote, “despite our stringent supply standards, golf balls may have been inadvertently harvested with potatoes used to make this product.” How exactly does this happen? Were their potatoes grown on a driving range? Are the hash browns packaged in a factory that also makes golf balls? We may never know. They say that no injuries have been reported by people swallowing golf balls parts.

4.24.17 Golf

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Were Out Of Mats?

Some guy broke into a preschool in New Orleans Monday night . . . fixed himself a snack . . . made a bed out of stuffed animals and took a NAP . . . then stole some stuff and left the next morning. The cops are still looking for him.

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A woman posted a picture on Reddit of the note her seven-year-old son Nathan brought home from school earlier this week. Now, sure, it was clearly handwritten by a kid and NOT an official letter . . . but it had a stern message. His mom quickly got him to admit it was fake, but she was impressed enough with the ridiculousness that she DID give him an extra 30 minutes of video game time that night.

4.21.17 Note


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New Website Can Tell You If a Robot Will Take Your Job?

Time magazine and the consulting firm McKinsey came up with an online tool that will tell you if a robot could take your job. On the bright side, they say robots can only FULLY replace about 5% of us, but they still may be able to do MOST of our work. If you type in “fast food fry cook”, and it says a robot can do 89% of the work. I typed in “radio/TV announcer”, and it says only 20% of the job can be done by a robot (but I got 100% when I typed radio/TV announcer into “Jobs A MONKEY Can Do”). Click HERE to see how your job comes out.

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Yesterday was “4/20 Day”, but Millennials and Baby Boomers weren’t the only ones celebrating. Studies show that more seniors are enjoying the giggle weed. Here are a few Signs Your Grandparents are Smoking Pot.

* They watch “Matlock” to “Dark Side of the Moon”.

* They lay there staring at the sky a lot . . . and not because they’re dead.

* They drive even slower.

* Even after the grandkids leave, they’re STILL watching “SpongeBob”.

* They ask Meals On Wheels to bring them Taco Bell.

* They wear tie-dyed Depends.

4.21.17 Grammy


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Today is 4/20. And if that doesn’t mean anything to you, congratulations, you’ve avoided getting sucked into weed culture. But since today IS the unofficial marijuana holiday . . .  stoners everywhere are gonna want to eat. And a food delivery service analyzed their orders from last 4/20 to figure out the most popular SNACKS people order today . . .

1) Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream.

2) Sour Patch Kids.

3) Swedish Fish.

4) Cheez-Its.

5) Haribo Gummy Bears.

Click HERE for the complete list.

4.2.17 4-20


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Could You PLEASE Do That Somewhere Else?

A tennis match at the Sarasota Open was interrupted by a couple . . . REALLY enjoying each other on Tuesday. It turned out to be a couple “getting busy” across the lake from the arena, and the sound carried. At one point one of the players shouted, “It can’t be THAT good.”

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Hey look everyone, a giant corporation just did something tone deaf and stupid again. On Tuesday, the day after the running of the Boston Marathon, Adidas sent out a marketing email with the subject line, “Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon.”  People immediately blasted them on social media considering that four years ago, three people were killed in the terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon . . . and Adidas apologized.

4.20.17 Adidas 1 4.20.17 Adidas 3


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This Will Give You Nightmares!

You’ve probably asked yourself . . . I wonder if Tickle Me Elmo looks terrifying without the fur. The Canada Science and Technology Museum decided to find out. And the answer         is . . . YES . . . it’s pretty creepy!!

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