Signs You’re an Ugly Flight Attendant

You wouldn’t think this would fly (see what I did there) in today’s “woke world”. We talked about this earlier this morning, according to a RECENT survey of travelers, “Attractiveflight attendants are essential to an airlines bottom line. So, get ready to launch a job search, if you can relate to anything on today’s list of the . . . Top 5 Signs You’re an Ugly Flight Attendant . . .

#5) You fly for JetEwwwww.

#4) You logged a lot of hours in the air.  And even more hours in Loch Ness.

#3) You’re replaced in the pre-flight safety video by Steve Buscemi.

#2) William Shatner asks if he once saw you on a wing.  (It’s a “Twilight Zone” reference, kids!)

#1) Instead of a call button, people summon you with a Milk-Bone.