“Smart Diapers” . . . Parenting For The Future?

This seems like one of those new technologies that may not be really necessary . . . BUT it would actually be pretty convenient if it went mainstream and was affordable. Scientists from Penn State University have created a “smart diaper” with a built-in sensor that’s able to send parents a push notification on their phone when their child’s diaper needs to be changed. And not only that, but it can provide LEVELS OF DIRTINESS (which got me wondering what the levels might be called, maybe something like, “There’s a little tinkle” to “Holy hell you’re gonna need a hazmat suit for this one”). The diapers are still in the development stage, so it’s unclear when they’d be available and, more importantly, how much they’d cost. So for now, you’ll have to stick to the old stand-by for checking diapers . . . your SCHNOZ!