The Worst City for Dog Poo Is . . .

When I saw this, my first thought was: “this seems like a really odd study”. Followed immediately by WHO DOES THE RESEARCH ON A STUDY LIKE THIS? Someone analyzed complaints about pet-owners on social media, mapped them, and ranked them, to find “The Worst City for Dog Poo” (to be fair, there were other questions too). So since someone did the work, please enjoy a few stats about being a “dog owner” (see the whole study HERE). . .

  • The worst city for people not cleaning up after their dog is: Seattle (followed by San Francisco and Pittsburgh).
  • Cleveland is the worst city for dogs barking at night (Houston is next, followed by Louisville).
  • The worst cities for dogs off their leash in public is Newark, New Jersey (Arlington, Texas is second, Long Beach third).
  • Overall, the cities with the worst dog-owners are: Pittsburgh, Newark, Seattle, Cleveland and Washington, D.C. (Cincinnati came in at #12 on the worst dog-owner list).
  • The cities with the BEST dog-owners are: Tucson, Virginia Beach, Raleigh, North Carolina, Omaha and San Antonio (the best Ohio city on the list was Columbus at #14).