Things That Belong in the Toy Hall of Fame . . .

Yesterday we talked about the toys going into the “Toy Hall Of Fame” . . . Baseball Cards, Nerf, Cabbage Patch Kids, and the Fisher-Price Corn Popper. Next year, they need to think outside the box . . . the “Jack-in-the-Box”. Here’s a list of a few Things That Belong in the Toy Hall of Fame, Even Though They Aren’t Toys (because we played with them like toys) . . .

  • Empty paper towel rolls.  Remember the “whack” it made on your sister’s head?
  • A trash can lid. Look who’s Captain America NOW!
  • The laundry chute at grandma’s house . . . because stairs are boring (and I’m reasonably certain our parents didn’t know we were doing it).
  • Two paper cups and a string. Hey, it gets better reception than T-Mobile.
  • Static electricity. Our hair . . . it’s ALIVE!
  • Pavement cracks. Step on one and mom’s in traction.
  • Box fans. Talk through one and sound just like Darth Vader.