Woman Assaults Boyfriend with a Whole Chicken???

A woman in Minnesota is facing charges, after assaulting her boyfriend with a WHOLE CHICKEN. It happened after they’d just gotten home from a bar (I think we know where this is heading). The boyfriend told police that on their drive home, she kept hitting him and spitting in his face. And once they got home, she grabbed a whole chicken, and hit him in the back of the head with hit. That’s when he called 911. No word on whether the chicken was raw, cooked, or frozen, but he still had “chicken residue” in his hair. Natalie’s facing charges for domestic assault and obstructing police, because she resisted when they tried to cuff her. And it turns out she attacked the same guy in 2021, and that case is still pending. They’ve been together over 10 years. I’m guessing they won’t be exchanging Valentine’s Day gifts this year. (Here’s her photo)