Community Mural Tour And Celebration In Findlay

community mural tour with a celebration to follow on Saturday, October 16th. Tickets for the event are $25 each and include a map of murals of Findlay including the most recently completed interactive murals organized by Awakening Minds Art. Tickets also include complimentary appetizers and a glass of wine or beer for participants over 21. The mural tour will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with the after-celebration from 2 to 4 p.m. at Gillig Winery. Mural artists include Laura Flickinger, Marissa Green, Megan Hall, Kan Du Studio artists, Ambz Kear, Tamera Rooney, and Emily Sullivan. Many of the murals had guest artists as well. Click here for the story we did about the Kan Du Group mural. The tour also includes previously painted, privately funded murals. To further bring the community together through the visual arts, Awakening Minds Art came up with the concept of a community mural project to celebrate inclusivity and connection. In cooperation with local government, local building owners and local artists, eight murals have been painted on buildings throughout the Findlay area. The murals coordinated by AMA are interactive and visitors are encouraged to pose with the murals and post on social media tagging @AwakeningMindsArt using #artmakesmeconnected. Murals previously painted have also been included on the tour to further celebrate public art. Each of the AMA murals will include a sign with a QR code that will automatically take visitors to a website page dedicated to the inspiration of each mural, the processes of the mural making, photos, and the people involved in making each mural happen. All of these pages will be stored permanently on the AMA website and shared on social media and through emailed newsletters. The project is being funded by the Marianna Hofer Endowment Fund. Additional murals may be available if more sponsors come on board. The map is underwritten by the Findlay-Hancock County Convention and Visitors Bureau. (above picture courtesy of Golden Lotus) (below is a picture of the Kan Du Group mural)    ]]>