Findlay Receives Donation For STRICT Center Project

The City of Findlay has received a generous donation towards a planned regional training center for emergency responders.

Campbell Soup Company is donating $25,000 in support of the construction of the STRICT Center, standing for Simulated Tactical Response & Incident Command Training Center.

“I am thrilled by the support from Campbell for this project. They are a newer business in Findlay, but they continue to step up to support public safety services, first responders and law enforcement in our community,” said Mayor Christina Muryn.

The estimated cost of the training complex is $1,000,000, with construction funding from a joint effort of public, private, and non-profit funds.

The mayor says Campbell’s $25,000 donation brings the remaining funds needed to complete the project to just under $350,000.

Other donations include funds from the Findlay Hancock County Community Foundation, Valfilm, Marathon Petroleum, the Hancock County Firefighters Association, McComb Fire Department, Hancock County Commissioners, Washington Township Fire Department, and Whirlpool. Additionally, Findlay City Council has allocated $250,000 towards the project.

The STRICT Center would be a city-owned, multi-agency training complex located behind Findlay Fire Station 4 on County Road 236.

Mayor Muryn says the STRICT Center will benefit emergency personnel throughout the county.



Conceptual drawings for the facility show two buildings, including a “Burn Building” and a “Tower Building”.

Fire Chief Josh Eberle says the structures will allow for live fire training, technical rescue, law enforcement, EMS, and other training scenarios.

“An exciting aspect of the STRICT Center is the ability for our safety agencies to train together. At almost every emergency, there is a fire department, law enforcement and an EMS component all working alongside each other. Currently it is difficult for these agencies to train as a unit, even though we respond together. The STRICT Center will allow that joint training to happen on a regular basis.”

Learn more about the STRICT Center (pictured below) by clicking here.