First COVID-19 Vaccines Administered In Hancock County

Hancock County EMS personnel were the first people in the county to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at a clinic in Findlay on Friday morning.

“We got the people that are taking care of us going first, just to show everybody the faith they have in the vaccine,” said Health Commissioner Karim Baroudi.

He says Hancock County received 500 doses of the Moderna vaccine in this initial shipment. (video below)

Baroudi says these first doses of vaccine will be administered to healthcare workers, first responders and those at the greatest risk of severe illness.

He says, as the county receives more shipments of vaccine, a multi-sector coalition will allocate them in order to efficiently vaccinate the community.

He expects the vaccine to be available to the general public sometime in March.

But until it is widely available, he’s asking everyone to continue following all the proper safety protocols, especially over Christmas and New Year’s.

A Findlay firefighter is the individual getting vaccinated in the video.

The nurse told him he could have either a Spider-Man or a Care Bears band-aid.

He chose Spiderman.