Don’t let these habits keep you awake

5 Nighttime Habits That Are Secretly Making Your Anxiety & Sleep Worse

According to California psychotherapist and group practice owner Erica Basso, some evening activities can escalate your racing thoughts, keeping you awake and disrupting your sleep.Justin Hartley Nbc GIF by This Is Us

Doomscrolling, or when you obsess on unfavorable social media or news articles. It may seem helpful at first but can make you anxious later.

Skipping relaxation techniques. Before bed, many people think about past problems or the upcoming day. This mental exercise might feed anxiety by validating the threat.

Engaging in stressful discussions or an argument. Recapping the day or talking to someone about a stressful situation could trigger anxiety and delayed rest.Confused Work From Home GIF

Checking work emails and messages can bring on stress as you worry about how to fix a fire, induce racing thoughts or have you obsessing over perfectionism.