These bald eagles have gone viral for their loving relationship

Bald Eagle Nest Goes ViralLanding Bald Eagle GIF by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

In California’s San Bernardino Mountains, two bald eagles, Jackie and Shadow, have been making national news lately and have become an online sensation!

It started when Jackie laid a clutch of three eggs, instead of the more common two, in the last week of January. Then came an early February snowstorm, when Jackie heroically stayed on her nest for nearly 62 hours straight—that’s over two and half days. At times, snow completely blanketed the dedicated mama-to-be. Eagles GIF by Storyful

The entire saga was captured and live-streamed to the world by a 24/7 solar-powered wildlife camera run by the nonprofit Friends of Big Bear Valley.

These cameras not only share the story of the bald eagles but also the story of climate change.

Follow the Big Bear Bald Eagle Nest Cam on YouTube @FOBBVCAM. It’s just a matter of time before their babies are born!

Bald Eagle Nest Goes Viral!