World’s oldest dog?  Maybe not.

Guinness Strips Dog of ‘World’s Oldest’ TitleGuinness World Records Sticker

Guinness World Records has stripped a late dog’s World’s Oldest Dog title due to insufficient evidence around its age.

Bobi, a purebred race of Portugese guard dog, was declared the oldest back in October after his death at 31 years and 165 days.

The deceased dog’s title has now been revoked as correspondence and investigations by veterinarians questioned Bobi’s real age.

UPI reports that “evidence submitted for Bobi’s age was all sourced to microchip data from the Portuguese government database. The probe found Bobi’s microchip was installed in 2022, when Portugal did not require proof of age for dogs born prior to 2008.”

Bobi’s owner was notified but Guinness said they’re happy to review any evidence the dog’s family could supply to prove his age.